Mumbai Police has an innovative way to punish reckless honkers

Mumbai Police has an innovative way to punish reckless honkers

Mumbai is known for its traffic snarls and the metro construction across the city has been adding to the woes of the commuters. While one understands that traveling by road on Mumbai at peak traffic time is nothing short of nightmare, but the constant honking at certain areas makes it even more unbearable.

To address the issue of honking and discourage people who perpetually honk even when the signal is red, Mobile Police has come up with an interesting solution. This solution is called the 'Punishing Signal'.

Talking about this punishing signal, Joint Police Commissioner (Traffic) Madhukar Pandey said that the decibel monitors are connected to all important junction in the city. When the noise in the area the dangerous 85-decibels level, the signal timer resets, which necessarily means that people have to wait for twice the time than earlier to cross that junction.

This system has been developed in collaboration with FCB Interface and they are confident that this step will help them in arresting the honking menace.

Mumbai police has even posted a video regarding this punishing signals on their Twitter handle and captioned it “Horn not ok please”. The short video opens with a Mumbai Traffic constable proclaiming Mumbai to be the honking capital of the world and goes on to explain how this punishing signal works.

For those curious, these decibel meters are currently installed and activated at at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Terminus, Marine Drive, Pedder Road, Hindmata Cinema Dadar and Bandra. This means that if you will be honking at these junctures and the noise level goes above the prescribed mark then you will have to wait twice before your red light turns into green.

This move and the thought process behind the same is being appreciated in all quarters. What do you think about this move, do send in your thoughts and suggestions.

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