Portable Signals to end traffic woes in the city

Portable Signals to end traffic woes in the city

Every rider wants a clear road devoid of signals. The traffic congestion in the city has caused the problem for Mumbaikars from past many years. In order to cope with the heavy traffic jam, traffic police have developed a genius idea of installing the portable signal.

These are signals on wheels and can be stationed in areas where there is no scope of installing permanent signals. There are places which require traffic regulation during certain times and the portable signal will facilitate.

Mumbai has more than 1,200 permanent signals. This number is just not enough to man the 28 lakh vehicles on 2,000 km of road network. Mumbai is not the first city, Chennai had introduced portable signals in 2011 due to irregular power supply because of which traffic signals had stopped working. The portable signals need to be charged for at least 8 hours in order to work for the whole day.

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