This is why there will be no flights from Mumbai to Kolkata between 6 to 19 July

This is why there will be no flights from Mumbai to Kolkata between 6 to 19 July

People currently in Mumbai who are considering flying to Kolkata over the next few days have some bad news waiting. Given that West Bengal is seeing a quick increase in COVID-19 cases, the State Government has decided to halt flights coming into the state from six cities, including Mumbai. This comes into effect on Monday, July 6, and will last until July 19, it is said.

Flights to Kolkata from cities like Delhi, Pune, Nagpur, Chennai, and Ahmedabad will also not be allowed into West Bengal until July 19. It’s worth noting that of the six cities restricted from entering West Bengal, three happen to be from Maharashtra. 

It is said that the WB Government received permission from the Civil Aviation Ministry to take this step, while it had previously asked for flights from Surat and Indore to be stopped. Additionally, the State also sought to halt flights coming into two of its domestic airports - Andal and Bagdogra.

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The WB Government reportedly wants to restrict flights in the state to one flight per airline each week. However, it is said that the Civil Aviation Ministry hasn’t responded to these requests as of yet. Some additional clarifications are also sought on the halting of Vande Bharat repatriation flights coming into West Bengal.

Though the Civil Aviation Ministry gave the go-ahead for domestic flights to resume in the country on May 25, not all cities and states joined the fray immediately. However, flights were opened up gradually, though the steep rise in coronavirus cases across several parts of the country are raising alarm bells across several quarters, both on the State and Central level.

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