Ultrasonic technology to be used to test railway tracks

Ultrasonic technology to be used to test railway tracks

There is an increase in the number of cases where the railway tracks are cracking in the central railway. Due to the poor condition of the railway tracks, people are suffering during rush hour. To avoid inconvenience caused by this problem, the railway ministry has decided to check the harbour and trans harbour lines.

On Thursday-Friday and Monday-Tuesday, around midnight, ultrasonic technology is going to be used to find any faults in the lines and if any faults are observed, the lines would be fixed at the same moment according to chief public relations officer, Narendra Patil.

The investigation of the trans harbour line will be conducted between Nerul and Thane at midnight on Thursday and Friday respectively. Due to this, a special train will be in operation which will depart at 2:15am and will arive at 2:45am at Thane station. The train will depart from Thane at 2:55am and arrive at Nerul by 3:25am.

On the harbour line, tracks between Vashi-Wadala-Panvel are soon going to be checked. On Monday and Tuesday, at around 1am, a train will depart from Vashi and arrive at Wadala at 1:30am. The train will depart at 1:40am and reach Panvel by 2:40am respectively. From Panvel station, the train will depart at 2:50am and arrive at Vashi railway station by 3:50am.