Will protest till demands are not met: Ola and Uber drivers

The cab companies Ola and Uber witnessed a protest from its drivers owing to various demands. While the cab companies have agreed to 80 per cent of their demands, the drivers have decided to protest till all their demands are met


For the last 10 days, Ola and Uber drivers have been protesting in regard to various demands. However, since the demands haven’t been fulfilled yet, the cab drivers have continued protesting on the 11th day. While 80 per cent of the demands have already been agreed upon by the cab companies, the drivers have indicated a protest till all their demands are met. 

In order to resolve the issue between the cab company and the drivers, two representatives from Ola and Uber were supposed to meet the drivers on Thursday. However, none of the officials from the companies was present for the discussion due to which, the drivers have now indicated a bigger protest on Monday.

The Maharashtra Rajya Rashtriya Kamgar Sangh-led drivers stated that if their demands aren’t fulfilled within one week, then they will conduct a march from Bharatmata Cinema to Mantralaya. Earlier, the cab company officials along with the union officials on Tuesday till 3:00 am where 80 per cent of the demands including demands to increase the basic pay price to ₹12, ₹15, and ₹19 per kilometre has been accepted. Also, the companies won’t levy commission on per kilometre pay price.

Ola and Uber management and MRRKS officials were scheduled to meet on Thursday at 3:00 pm. However, the company officials never showed up and therefore, no discussion has taken place. If they don’t reach a decision within a week then we’ll march in protest from Bharatmata Cinema to Mantralaya,” said the union President Sunil Borkar.

In the meantime, the 11 days of protest have been really troublesome for the daily commuters and customers of the cab companies. The lack of cabs on the roads has caused a lot of ruckus and inconvenience for everyone and so, it is feasible for everyone to reach a middle ground and resolve the issue.

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