One dead and two injured in a railway accident between Kurla-Sion

The incident took place on Tuesday night when three people fell down from the local train between Kurla-Sion


Three commuters fell down from the local train on Central Railway on Tuesday night between Kurla and Sion. All three were immediately rushed to Ghatkopar's Rajawadi Hospital, where one commuter was declared dead on the arrival while other two who suffered injuries were admitted. Later, they were shifted to Sion Hospital for further treatment. 

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The accident occurred in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSTM) bound local train. Due to peak hours, there was a lot of rush in the compartment where three commuters who were barely standing were pushed outside the compartment where one died after falling on railway tracks while the other two were injured.

Police are still not able to trace the relatives or personal details of the dead commuter and the injured ones. 

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