One-way fare from Mumbai Airport to key locations rise to Rs 31,500 amidst lockdown fears

One-way fare from Mumbai Airport to key locations rise to Rs 31,500 amidst lockdown fears

Even before the Prime Minister announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown, people have been panicking to get back to their homes, while airlines are also dealing with rescheduling and requests for cancellations. However, it is said that airlines are only offering rescheduling at the moment and no free cancellation. 

Amidst this panic, it is said that flight fares from Mumbai to locations like Jaipur surged to Rs 31,500. By evening, a flight headed to Delhi was seen priced at Rs 36,000. However, this was for the premium class tickets as the airline had already run out of economy class seats.

Flights to Kochi were reportedly priced at Rs 11,000, while flights to Kolkata were pricier at Rs 24,500. However, flights to Bengaluru were apparently cheaper on Tuesday evening averaging around Rs 4,500. Keeping these figures in mind, there’s no denying that airlines are looking to cut their losses amidst this global pandemic.

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International air and land traffic have already been halted, so there are no flights coming into the country from overseas. However, the lockdown also extends to transportation services (barring those required for essential goods) including trains, airplanes, as well as buses starting Wednesday. 

“The ban will hit those who need to fly to handle a crisis, an emergency. Like if there is a death in the family or a parent or family member has taken critically ill," an anonymous airline director said. 

He also cited new directions from the government every other day as well as the lack of manpower as factors behind the losses faced by the airline industry. 

"These are hard times, the ban will impact our balance sheet. But running day-to-day operations had become extremely difficult in the last few weeks with many flight cancellations, aircraft on the ground, new directions from the government every other day and from this week, a drastic cut in manpower," he said.

The last flight to arrive in Mumbai is reportedly GoAir flight G8429 from Delhi at 11:50 PM, while the last passenger flight to leave the city’s airspace was the IndiGo 6E907 with a departure time of 9:50 PM on Tuesday.