Over 50 Lakh Passengers Flew to or From Mumbai’s CSMIA Between January-March 2021

Over 50 Lakh Passengers Flew to or From Mumbai’s CSMIA Between January-March 2021

A new report has revealed that Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) witnessed over 49,160 international and domestic flights between January and March 2021. These flights ferried a total of 5,091,730 passengers, suggesting that air travel is reaching normality despite the coronavirus spreading across the city. 

Dissecting the data further, around 45,70,150 passengers traveled in 41,407 domestic flights while 5,21,570 passengers flew on 7,759 international flights from CSMIA. In this three month period, Dubai (UAE) was the most popular destination catering to over 1,60,169 passengers in total.

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As for domestic flights, around 6,57,467 people travelled to Delhi, while 4,36,899 of them travelled to Goa. In the same time period, CSMIA saw new domestic routes like Jharsuguda, Kishangarh, and Agra, while new international routes such as Ras Al Khaimah and Batam were also added.

CSMIA established an RT-PCR testing counter at its terminal in September 2020. This was done to ensure the safety of the passengers visiting or arriving at the airport. Officials said that the airport had conducted around 3,00,000 tests as of March 2021.

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“CSMIA continues to remain a steady rock for passengers and its stakeholders in the face of unpredictable situations due to the pandemic and changing regulations of testing and quarantine requirements,” a spokesperson for CSMIA said. 

“The airport continually strives to provide the best services and facilities to its passengers to ensure a seamless and memorable experience of their journey. CSMIA is working diligently with its stakeholders, regulatory and government bodies to implement and communicate necessary protocols and procedures for passengers and personnel’s safety at the airport,” the spokesperson added.

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