Mumbai’s Metro One which runs across 12 stations in the city ranging from Ghatkopar to Versova has introduced a paper QR (quick response) system at its stations which can reportedly serve twice as many people in the same time as it requires to get a plastic token. 

The switch from plastic tokens to paper QR is expected to significantly reduce plastic pollution in the city. Moreover, Metro One authorities expect to monetize the empty space on paper tickets by encouraging advertisements on them. However, this may be a long term plan as Metro One will continue to issue plastic tokens until the end of March this year.

It is said that Metro One has been internally testing the paper QR code tickets for around six months so as to prepare for the commercial rollout. While all 12 stations will see at least one paper QR ticketing machine, busier stations like Ghatkopar and Andheri will see the addition of 25 machines, the authorities mentioned.

A Metro One spokesperson said “We are happy to be the first public transport system in Mumbai to launch Paper QR Ticket which enables ticketing transactions which are two times faster. We also endeavour to reduce the use of plastics and this is another step in line with our green initiatives."

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