₹4 Lakhs for an Uber ride from Churchgate to Prabhadevi!

₹4 Lakhs for an Uber ride from Churchgate to Prabhadevi!

Mumbai locals are the lifeline of the city, but a large chunk of the population depend on cabs to transport them from one place to another. The dependency of cabs is more for people in South Mumbai as autos are not allowed to ply in this region. Apart from the traditional kaali-peeli, people also rely on the app aggregating apps such as Ola and Uber to get them from one place to another as they are more comfortable and convenient. Moreover, the price differential in most cases is not much.

However, it was not to be the case for Tejas Shah, who wanted to take an Uber from Churchgate to Prabhadevi. It was a distance of mere 10km and in the current traffic conditions, would take about 45 minutes by road but the estimated price that he was shown was a whopping ₹4,07,781. It is noteworthy, that this price is almost the ex-showroom price for Wagon R, which was to be his ride for this journey.

The estimated fare for this journey via a local cab would have cost Tejax something in the range of ₹150 to 180.

He took to twitter to share this screenshot and tweeted to Uber support. To which, Uber replied that this might be a technical glitch and requested him to try “cancel and request another ride".

Post this incident, Tejas ditched the app and got a good old Kaali-peeli for this ride!

In 2019 too, a bizarre case had come to light when a 23-year-old retail worker in Manhattan, had tried to book an Uber from her home to John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens. The app showed her that the estimated cost for the trip to be cheaper via Uber Chopper than using User Pool.