Central Railway’s special Jumbo block on Sunday to result in cancellation of these trains

The dismantling of Patri Pool Bridge is set to be conducted on November 18, Sunday. As a result, Central Railways has decided to carry out a megablock, which will affect the train timetable

  • Central Railway’s special Jumbo block on Sunday to result in cancellation of these trains

On Sunday morning, Central Railway (CR) will be carrying out a megablock from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm in order to dismantle the 100-year-old Patri Pool bridge in Kalyan. Accordingly, Central Railways will be suspending the services of 170 suburban and 14 intercity train services (linking Mumbai to Pune and Nashik) during the block in regard to the dismantling work.

However, the passengers will be assisted by Railways as they will run special trains between Kalyan and Karjat-Kasara as well as Dombivali and CSMT. Meanwhile, some of the long-distance trains will be cancelled or their route will be shortened.

Cancelled trains:

122118/12117 Manmad-LTT Express
12110/12109 Manmad-Mumbai Panchavati Express
51153 Mumbai Bhusaval Passenger
51152 Bhusawal-Mumbai Passenger
22101/22102 Manmad-CSMT Rajya Rani Express
11010/11009 Pune-Mumbai Sinhagad Express
12124/12123 Pune-Mumbai Deccan Queen
12072/12071 Jalna-Dadar Jan Shatabdi Express

Rerouted trains:

Kakinada Port-LTT Express, Kolhapur-Mumbai Sahyadri Express, Hyderabad-Mumbai Express, Chennai-Mumbai Express, Coimbatore-LTT Express will be run on the Karjat-Panvel-Diva route and will halt at Diva station.

Howrah-Mumbai Mail via Chowki, Rajendranagar-LTT Express, Varanasi-LTT Express, LTT-Gorakhpur Express, LTT-Darbhanga Express will be run on Diva-Vasai-Jalgaon route. These trains will halt at Bhiwandi and Diva station.

Rescheduled trains:

CSMT-Howrah Express, LTT-Kakinada Port Express, LTT-Varanasi Kamyani Express, LTT-Patliputra Express, CSMT-Gorakhpur Special Train, CSMT-Howrah Mail via Chowki, CSMT-Varanasi Mahanagari Express, LTT-Varanasi Express will be run on a different time than their usual time.

Meanwhile, Kolhapur-Mumbai Koyna Express will be run only up to Pune. After which, the trains will depart for Kolhapur from Pune. On the other hand, Nagpur-Mumbai Sevagram Express will run up to Nashik and after that, will return to Nagpur.

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