Things Mumbai Metro should learn from Kochi Metro


Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) has been getting a lot of stick during their Metro 3 construction. Right from the felling of trees to mismanagement of traffic, the project has been criticised prominently.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is going to inaugurate the ‘Kochi Metro’ and there’s a lot of positive buzz around this particular project. So we thought of making a slight comparison and listing a few details out about the Kochi Metro project and how Mumbai Metro 3 could draw some inspiration from it.

Commission time

The 13 km project took 45 months to hit the tracks. That’s super quick compared to the other projects in the country. Mumbai Metro 1 took 75 months to complete the 11 km run.

Nature-friendly project

This Metro will use solar energy to power some percentage of electricity needed. Each of its 23 stations have solar panels, which can generate 2.3 megawatts (MW), and a 4 MW solar plant, plans are underway to meet as much as half of its electricity demands through solar power.

The Metro is also offering bicycles to people who want to ride around on two wheels in the city.

Giving the LGBT community a chance

Kochi Metro has appointed transgenders. Right from ticketing to maintenance, a number of transgenders have been appointed to multiple roles.

Water connectivity

The Kochi Metro Rail will have a ferry service connected to it which will serve as a feeder service. New boats which will be procured for this project will provide the same transportation experience as the Metro, and will be called 'Water Metros'

Women at work

It is reported that around 80 per cent of the staff will be women.

Celebration time

The workers got a parting gift as migrant workers were treated by the Kochi Metro Rail Corporation to lunch and a dance party. They were also urged to write on a message board. This is a very kind gesture to the people responsible for making the project successful.

We cannot literally compare the two projects but it is really commendable as to how this project was managed. MMRC should look at the brighter side and make Metro 3 even more impactful than the Kochi Metro. 

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