Tuesday Morning Blues : Huge jam on Western Express Highway

Tuesday Morning Blues : Huge jam on Western Express Highway

It was not a pleasant Tuesday morning for a lot of computers on Mumbai's Western Express Highway. A lot of people commuting expressed that they were stuck in a traffic jam for hours and a mere 4 km stretch took them more than 60 minutes to cross. 

There were reports of Borivali   East Magathane Bridge being closed from one side for Metro work and that was said to be the cause of traffic. People commuting towards Dahisar were mainly impacted due to this. There were reports of traffic jam on other places on Western Express Highway as well

Since the local trains have not resumed operations, people have no option but to travel via roads. In terms of public transport, BEST buses have been plying people and then there are autos and taxis as well that people can count on. Hence there is an added pressure on the road network. In addition, people in Mumbai mostly have to travel long distance for work. A lot of people travel from suburbs and other parts of MMR such as Navi Mumbai, Karat, Kalyan, Badlapur to their workplaces. With trains not plying some of the people end up spending 4 to 6 hours in commute.  

There have been appeals to open the Mumbai Locals for the common people but so far there has been no decision taken as yet as the government feels that it may lead to spike in the number of cases of coronavirus.

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