Appear before High Court if you fail to pay e-challan

The Traffic Police has started issuing court notices to individuals who have evaded from paying the e-challan issued to them.

Appear before High Court if you fail to pay e-challan

In an attempt to implement stringent regulations for traffic rules offenders, the Traffic Police has decided to send a court notice to people who fail to pay the e-challan issued to them. Therefore, if an individual fails to pay an e-challan, then the offender will have to appear before Bombay High Court after being served notice by the Traffic Police.

The traffic police have already begun sending notices to the offenders and so far, 5,000 drivers have already been served court notice. Meanwhile, the officials stated that after the action from police, the other drivers with pending e-challan have started paying up the outstanding amount.

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The problem of unpaid e-challans had risen as there are no strict laws for abiding the citizens to pay the outstanding amount. They weren't asked to submit their license or documents, due to which, the defaulters paid no heed to the issued e-challans.

Meanwhile, according to a senior police official, more than 5,000 drivers who are compelled to pay ₹5,000 or more have been asked to appear before the court. He also added that the people with fine of more than ₹20,000 will be penalised primarily.