Railways announce the 'Tourist Ticket' which allows commute on all 3 lines

This move will help commuters use one ticket to travel on Central, Western and Harbour Line, and they can choose passes for one, three or five days, depending on their convenience.

Railways announce the 'Tourist Ticket' which allows commute on all 3 lines

Authorities in the Railways are on a spree to offer passengers the most comfortable experience on their journey. As per reports, Railways had taken various measures to prevent floods and make the ticketing process easier, and the team has now come up with a 'tourist ticket' which will allow the commuters to travel on all the three lines i.e. Western, Central, and Harbour.  

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Passengers can now travel for unlimited number of times with the new ticket, and choose the validity depending on their convenience, be it for 1, 3 and 5 days.  Following is the price structure of the ticket: 

No. of Days1st Class Ticket Price (₹)2nd Class Ticket Price (₹)

These tickets are valid up to midnight and has to be booked 3 days in advance. It can be cancelled one day prior the date of validity and on cancellation ₹15 from 2nd class and ₹30 from 1st class will be deducted. 

Notably, amidst the issue of woman's safety in trains, Railways has introduced 'talk back' facility in 72 trains in the 1st class compartments dedicated to women. This move is expected to allow the female passengers to speak to the railway guard or motorman directly in case of an emergency. Calls will be recorded and monitored to ensure that this facility is not misused. 

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