Railways removes 172 structures for demolishing Delisle Bridge

In order to demolish the worn Delisle Bridge, Western Railways removed 172 structures under the bridge. Accordingly, the authorities will now be able to rebuild the bridge without obstacles

Railways removes 172 structures for demolishing Delisle Bridge

Western Railways, on Saturday,  began the demolition of parts of the Delisle Bridge, which was deemed as dangerous during an audit led by the Indian Institute of Technology -Bombay (IIT-B). The demolition began after the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), acting on a high court (HC) order, removed 172 structures, including 91 shops.

In order to initiate the process, WR first barricaded the entire area that was to be demolished and later began the razing process with JCB and Pocklen machines.

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Earlier, after the Gokhale bridge had collapsed in Andheri in July 2018, IIT-Bombay had deemed the Delisle Bridge unfit for use. After which, in February, WR had demolished a portion of the bridge that ran over the tracks.

The demolition process was delayed due to the 172 structures under the bridge, which consisted of 91 shops. The Railways stated that they had to ensure that the shopkeepers' livelihood was not disrupted and therefore, after finding an alternative, they demolished the western arm of the bridge.

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