Railway officials get a trip to Thailand

The Western Railway officials will get a trip to Thailand consisting of 20 female officers, 28 male officers, and four tour coordinators


Travelling is an important aspect of a person's life as it drives people towards knowing the world outside their imagination. Therefore, as a part of the reward to the Western Railway employees, they have been promised a trip to Thailand for five days.

52 Grade IV employees will be taken on a trip to Thailand, who will strike off an international trip from their bucket list. The employees will be back in five days and will include the gangman, trackman, and cleanliness workers.

The group of 52 will consist of 20 female officers, 28 male officers, and four tour coordinators. The entire trip has been organised with the co-joined efforts of 'Thomas & Cook' company as a token of appreciation for the workers.

Meanwhile, the employees have to only pay for 33 per cent of the trip and the rest will be paid by Railways and Thomas & Cook. Alongside, the employees will be provided with T-Shirts, caps, and trolly bags. 

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