Happy 150th Anniversary Western Railway

    Happy 150th Anniversary Western Railway
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    Today Western Railway celebrates the 150th anniversary. On this very day in 1867 first local started from Virar at 6.45 am. The four-car service was the venture of the Bombay Baroda and Central Indian railway company. 

    The first service was restricted to single round trip. The train halted on these stations – Neeal (Nalasopara), Bassein (Vasai), Panjo (between two creeks of Vasai), Berewla (Borivali), Pahadee (Goregaon), Andaru (Andheri), Santa Cruz, Bandora (Bandra), Mahim, Dadure (Dadar), and Grant Road.

    The train had three classes, common people usually travelled in second classes which cost 7 pies per mile. The other stations cost two pies more. The third class fare was three pies.

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