Footover bridges at Borivali and Malad to be repaired

The railway footover bridges at Mumbai's Malad and Borivali were found out to be hazardous. Therefore, they will be repaired and in the meantime, the bridges will be shut down for public use


After the Elphinstone Road stampede incident, Railways decided to refurbish its footover bridges to avoid such mishaps in the future. Accordingly, several stations at Western, as well as Central Railways, witnessed the repair of their respective footover bridges.

Similarly, Railways has decided to now repair the footover bridges at Borivali and Malad. The repair work will be beginning soon and Western Railways will be monitoring the initiative.

The footover bridge at Borivali's North end of platform no. 6 and 7 will be kept closed for public use owing to the repair work. Whereas Malad's the bridge to connect platform no. 1 with platform no. 2 and 3 will be repaired.

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