Government to decide upon the toll-collection of Mumbai-Pune expressway in nine weeks

The dilemma that the government is facing is the contract period is till March 2019 and the amount of recovery i.e. ₹2869 crore has already been collected. In such a case, will the government decide to continue collecting the toll or halt the activity?


The total amount of toll collection of the Mumbai-Pune expressway has been recovered by the state government and yet the collection of the toll hasn’t halted. Despite recovering the pre-decided amount of the toll, the state government is still collecting toll from the vehicles passing by the Mumbai-Pune expressway and the question about whether the practice will stop or not, will be answered in the upcoming nine weeks.

According to the contract between Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) and the contractor,₹2869 crore had to be recovered till March 2019. The toll recovery of ₹2869 crore has been completed in November 2016 and therefore, toll recovery on Mumbai-Pune Expressway route should have stopped in November 2016. But, MSRDC and the contractor that had taken the contract continued levying the toll.

In response, the toll researchers, Srinivas Ghanekar, Pravin Wategaonkar, Sanjay Shirodkar and Vivek Velankar complained directly to the Anti-Corruption Prevention Division saying that the activity by MSRDC and the contractor is illegal. After which, they also approached the High Court. 

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On Monday, during the hearing of the case, the state government presented an affidavit. In the affidavit, the government mentioned that they will decide upon the matter after nine weeks since the term of the contract is till March 2019.

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