CCTV foils kidnapping


CST’s kidnapping case was solved by Byculla police with the help of CCTV footage. 2 years old girl was abducted by con couple on Saturday at CST but was found by police after 4 days of thorough investigation. Accused couple Vijay Basant and Supriya Basant is now in police custody.

Mother of 2 years old stormed at CST station furiously, as she had a huge fight with her husband. Little did she knew, that she is being watched by a con couple from far. Couple befriended the women and won her confidence. During the wee hours of Sunday, this couple ran away with women’s 2 years old baby. Duo left station separately and went to Masjid Bunder by taxi. From there, they boarded Panvel train, to not to return. All their actions were being recorded in CCTV, which later helped Byculla police to nab the couple.  

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