Elderly woman saved by a whisker at Kurla station

    • Shivshankar Tiwari
    • Around You
    Mumbai  -  

    The warning posters, boards, announcement on the railway platform to be cautious is just not getting into the waxed ears of Mumbaikars. Catching the running train, standing on the entrance of coach, pushing people forcibly, entering into overcrowded trains are the reasons of casualties. A similar incident is reported when, a lady while entering into the local running towards Kalyan got slipped. The scene was horrific as her full body was outside the train, a few inches above the platform while she firmly held on to the pole with one of her hand. People out of fear started yelling, the hullabaloo of commuters made motorman to stop the train and the lady was rescued. Whole incident was captured in the CCTV installed at station.

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