Meet the cat that has taken Twitter by storm. The reason being, her recent bike ride on the streets of Mumbai. The pictures were posted by a Twitter handle, by the name Weeb, and it shows a cute little cat, casually enjoying a pillion ride on a two-wheeler.   She seems to be completely unfazed by the traffic on the roads or the potholes that one might have to face. 

She seemed to have become the talk of the town. The picture has managed to garner over 2.4K likes and comments keep pouring in. While some users have appreciated her demeanor and swag, the others say that even their friends cannot be trusted to sit so comfortably. 

There were a few people who in jest asked if the kitty should have worn a helmet and then there were others, who wondered how did this guy train the cat so well. 

Some users were also reminded of Sultan, the auto riding dog in Mumbai. This dog had become quite a range for pulling off some dare-devil stunts on top of moving autos. Videos of him on the roof of an auto and nonchalantly balancing himself while the auto would be in motion had gone viral. 

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