Lunar Eclipse June 2020: How to watch it in Mumbai?

This is the second Lunar Eclipse of 2020 and people are even calling it the strawberry moon

Lunar Eclipse June 2020: How to watch it in Mumbai?

It is a good day for sky gazers as one can watch the Lunar eclipse today. This is the second Lunar Eclipse of the year 2020. If you recall, there was one in the month of January 2020. Just like the lunar eclipse in January, even today's lunar eclipse will be penumbral one. 

What is a penumbral lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse happens whether sun, moon and the Earth are completely or very closely aligned and as a result, for a brief period we may not be able to see the moon. This happens because the Earth comes i between the sun and the moon and casts a shadow on the moon. A Penumbral lunar eclipse, on the other hand, is when the moon slips through the Earth's outer shadow. Hence, it is a little more subtle than a lunar eclipse as in most cases it may only lead to a slight darkening of the moon. So in case you are not completely aware of what's happening, you may miss it completely. So as per experts, today's partial penumbral eclipse is likely to be harder to spot. However, what makes this lunar eclipse special is that it is also a strawberry moon.

Strawberry moon connection

In the past few years, there are plenty of interesting names that have been associated with moon phases. The Blood moon, the Supermoon and the Blue moon and then there are the combinations such as "Super Blue Blood Moon", which by the totally happened in 2018. 

A supermoon is when the moon is closer to Earth and hence appears bigger than what it usually does. The Blood moon is mostly when it appears in the shades of crimson, red in the sky. One would expect the strawberry moon to also be that fancy but it actually gets its name as this (Month of June) is Strawberry harvest season in the North-Eastern United States. So it will be good to have no expectations regarding the colour of the moon.

How to watch June 2020 Lunar Eclipse in Mumbai?

 Today's Lunar will be visible in much of Asia, which includes India, Europe, Australia, Africa, South/East South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica, as per Time and Date. According to the Indian time, the eclipse will start at 11:15 pm IST on June 5 and go on till 2:34 am.  The eclipse will be at its full stage at 12:54 am on June 6.

Since it is cloudy in most parts of Mumbai so it may be harder to watch this lunar eclipse. However, one can even catch it online on  Virtual Telescope Project, which will be broadcasting it live from Italy and the feed will start from June 6, 12:30 am. 

There are three eclipses that will be taking place in this lunar month. There is a solar eclipse on 21 June and then another lunar eclipse on July 4-5, which too is a penumbral lunar eclipse.  Later in the year, there is another penumbral lunar eclipse that will occur on 29-30 November.