Viral Video of boy helping duck trends on Twitter

In an act of kindness, a boy was seen helping a duck build its nest in a viral video trending on social media platforms.

Viral Video of boy helping duck trends on Twitter

In a video that recently went viral on social media, in an act of kindness and love, a little boy was seen helping ducks in the pond.

The viral video showcased the little boy by the pond handing over little twigs to a duck for it to offer it to her duck friend who meanwhile, built their home in the pond. The video went viral on Twitter with many hailing the boy’s act of humanity. Moreover, Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Services tweeted the 33-second clip and it has been viewed more than 15,000 times so far.

This act of kindness makes us realize how a little can go a long way. Even though some people may have the fear of animals, a little knowledge in the subject matter along with basic research can drive away even the most inflexible insecurities. The different ways to help an animal would be to vaccinate it, maybe rescue an animal stuck somewhere, helping them during fires and natural disasters, provide for them and caring for the orphaned or the abandoned ones.

In order to make a difference, one can always start by volunteering in an animal shelter. Even though it might seem like a big task, the smallest efforts can make the biggest differences.

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