Aabid Surti Launches His Book Titled 'Sufi' at Title Waves

The launch witnessed the gracious presence of Andhadhun director Sriram Raghavan, Annie Zaidi and Shridhar Raghavan.

Aabid Surti Launches His Book Titled 'Sufi' at Title Waves

'One Man NGO' or 'Water Warrior' as he is famously known as, Aabid Surti launched his book 'Sufi- The Invisible Man Of The Underworld' at Title Waves in Bandra on Friday, August 23 with the gracious presence of Andhadhun's director Sriram Raghavan, CID famed Shridhar Raghavan and award winner journalist Annie Zaidi. 

Talking about the same Surti said, 

Sufi is the story of two boys who grew up in the 60s and 70s in Mumbai's infamous Dongri area. The first one is Iqbal Rupani who rises to the ranks to crown himself as underworld's kingpin. At one phase he becomes extremely pious and on the other hand through his puritan stance is famously called as 'sufi'. The story unfolds of the narrative that he tells the other protagonist which is me as 'Aabid Surti', avers the master story-teller with a smile. However, this book has 3 characters i.e. Iqbal, Aabid and Bombay which stands as a prime witness as the story unfolds. 

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Commenting about the same, Shridhar Raghavan said, "Sufi for me is Shantaram meets Charles Dickens meets Once Upon A Time In Mumbai which encapsulates these 3 stories perfectly".

Talking about the title National Award Winning author Aabid Surti recalls an anecdote and said, 

After Iqbal left the underworld he always sat near a graveyard. It signified that how he somehow knew that that's exactly where he will have to go and all the money and fame that he had earned will cease to exist. He once came to my house where he was talking about what religion and life mean to him and all his perceptions about the same. My mother was in the kitchen and had overheard the entire conversation. Once he left my mother came out and asked me 'Who was that Sufi?' That's when the title struck as no other phrase or adjective would have done justice to his persona. 

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