From an alleged con-woman to an empowering entrepreneur, here's Revathi Roy’s inspiring story

Published by Infinity Publishing and written by Dr. Swati Lodha, 'Who Is Revathi Roy' talks about the infamous journey of the entrepreneur

From an alleged con-woman to an empowering entrepreneur, here's Revathi Roy’s inspiring story

Revathi proves what it means to be driven by driving, own the ride till it owns you and transforms it forever. As they say, if you travel far enough you may meet yourself.   When the first chapter starts with the above line, you know you’re in for a ride!

Revathi Roy is a serial entrepreneur who has been working towards empowering poor women in urban areas since 2007. Whether it is by pioneering Asia's first all-women taxi service 'FORSCHE', to establishing India's first all-women instant parcel delivery service - Hey Deedee, she's aced every role that she has played in life. 

Layers of Revathi’s life that she had kept wrapped under her wailing heart have seen the sunlight in these pages. The energy of these revelations reverberates with a promise to transform many lives and to transform the mundane into magic. There is this constant much-needed emphasis on the name 'Revathi' which means a new beginning and the reader would understand the relevance of it with every turning page. 

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For readers who have read Sheryl Sandberg’s 'Lean In' will be able to draw striking comparisons between the two. Further, just like Steve Jobs' biography, the book also talks about how she was an MD just on paper when her own startup was controlled by someone else.  Revathi’s revelry and resilience will nudge you to aim for something more than a cookie-cutter life. 

This fast-paced book describes the thrilling journey from a privileged child to a penalised prisoner to an exponential entrepreneur. For someone who really isn’t a fan of self-help books, I was a bit reluctant to pick this one. However, surprisingly this book has a lot in store beyond the cliche self-help-startup story. Along with being inspiring, this book holds the ability to leave you teary-eyed and some incidents will leave you in splits. This book has indeed introduced me to a persona which I wouldn’t have known otherwise. 

It is written by the much-acclaimed writer of ‘54 Reasons Why Parents Suck’ Dr. Swati Lodha. With her PhD in Women Entrepreneurship, Who Is Revathi Roy is her seventh book and it doesn’t leave any stone unturned for you to appreciate the writer's experience in the respective field. Once you succumb to the world Dr. Lodha created, nothing else will matter. I cannot wait to see what the writer has in store for everyone with her next releases. 

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It’s a testament to the skill and smarts of Dr. Lodha who lifts the plot so seamlessly. Whereas, Revathi Roy has what the French call, joie de vivre. She is a force of nature and plays her roles to perfection. Revathi revels in energy, her giddy effervescence and her aching vulnerability.

Who is Revathi Roy gratifies you and grounds you. It delights you and displeases you in equal parts. 

Here are the Bits of Brilliance from the Book: 

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

∼ Talking about her parents perspective-  Never did she hear the whiney words, ‘You are all we’ve got’. Instead, she was lucky to have parents who let her feel, ‘We have you and with that, we’ve got it all’. 

Her stint with cars made her passionate drivers, her stint in prison made her a voice for women.

With peaks and pits in tow, a resolute Revathi is ready to enable women to grab their share of the sky.   

There’s a book hidden in your story. I was told often even when the listeners knew barely half of it. 

Book Details: Publisher- Infinity Publishing | Genre- Biography | Date of Release- May 10, 2019 | Hardcover- 199 pages. 

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