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Investor And Best-Selling Author Joseph Rodarick Law Unveils His Book- 'Authentic Power And Greatness' At BSE

The book is published by Orient Papperbacks and was unveiled by CEO of Bombay Stock Exchange Ashish Chauhan.

Investor And Best-Selling Author Joseph Rodarick Law Unveils His Book- 'Authentic Power And Greatness' At BSE

Entrepreneur, investor, bestselling author, speaker and philanthropist Joseph Rodarick Law released his book 'Authentic Power And Greatness' at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) on Wednesday, November 27. The book was released in India by CEO of BSE Ashish Chauhan. 

Talking about his book and what inspired him to write it Joseph said, 

I have been to several sacred places in India and have even read the religious texts of Mahabharat, Ramayan, Vedas, Buddhism etc. which has never failed to inspire me. Moreover, Krishna is my favourite character and his approach towards everything with a perfect blend of diplomacy is something everyone should know. In this book, I have interviewed various people who have excelled in their respective fields and they have described their own struggle and journey. There's something in store for everyone. 

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Speaking about the book, CEO of BSE Ashish Chauhan said,

In this groundbreaking book, Joseph Rodarick Law explores the principles of happiness from a holistic perspective, one that includes fulfilling relationships, a rewarding career, spiritual growth and finding one’s purpose in life. When I first read this book, my impression was that Joseph is in search of himself. An earnest and sincere student of spiritual life, he adds value to everyone he comes in contact with. Authentic Power and Greatness is an illuminating and easy-to-read book for one’s personal and professional lives. This book delivers a message that is inspiring, meaningful and practical. I recommend this book for everyone seeking wisdom in a contemporary package for living a happier, more successful, and more fulfilling life.

Adding some of his takeaways from life, and how he strikes balance between spirituality and practicality in life, Chauhan said, 

I meditate daily along with starting and ending my day with pooja.  I have even done the Vipassana and Art of Living courses along with experimenting with new techniques in medication. I  always suggest not to take life seriously, love your work, be good to others and be honest. I belive with this one can live a fulfilled life. 

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