Khiladi Kumar to open hospital for 'Aamchi police'

Khiladi Kumar to open hospital for 'Aamchi police'

Naigaon - Time and again, Khiladi Kumar has come out and supported the army men, cops and all those people whom we count on us as the most trusted person when the question is about our safety.

This time Akshay Kumar has taken a decision to open a hospital for 'Aamchi Police and family'. Akshay was present in the annual show 'Umang 2017'. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was also present in the show.

Akshay said when I admitted dad for cancer treatment in the hospital, I saw the family member of the patients sitting helplessly here and there. From that very moment, I took the decision of starting my own hospital. The hospital will be constructed in Naigaon. Let's us help those who help us round the clock irrespective of come what may.

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