In terms of acting, I have learned nothing from Sunny Deol and Akshay Kumar: Karan Kapdia


2019 is going to be a year full of debutants in Bollywood. Many filmmakers have planned the launch of some known and some not-so-known 'new kids on the block,' and one name among them is Dimple Kapadia's nephew, Karan Kapadia. eThe 25-year old is all set to debut with Sunny Deol in 'Blank' where he plays a pivotal role.

In an interaction with the media, Karan shares his journey and excitement about his first film. On being asked about Blank, he said, "I signed the film in 2016, and it is finally releasing three years later. It is a surreal experience to receive a positive response for the trailer. It is overwhelming. I was nervous even before the shoot, and it was more especially on day one was with Sunny Deol. My mom has been a costume designer for him in the past for 15 years. I have seen him on the sets when I was a child and today excited about working with him. When I signed the film in 2016, even the studio wasn't finalised."

New actors today are quite wise with their choices for the first film. They seek an opportunity which lets them showcase many qualities. Talking about why he chose Blank to be his first film, he quipped, " Honestly, I wasn't offered any other film. I believe that it is good to at least find work, rather than take a risk to not work at all. However, I have however assisted in some films and learned a lot from there. I believe that working with someone behind the scenes gives a lot of exposure, than studying at a film school. There is a kind of confidence one gains by being on set. When I did a few short films, I gained more and more confidence as it taught me the skill."

The excited lad has lost a lot of weight over the years. Adding more to what inspired him to make this move, he said, "I started losing weight quite early. Ever since I was 11, I knew I wanted to become an actor and I started working on my physique. But it is unfortunate that many other actors at the same time lost weight, and it is no longer a novelty, and today no one is impressed with it. I have just gotten in shape for the film."

Besides Karan, the film stars Sunny Deol in a lead role and Akshay Kumar in one song (cameo). On being asked about what he learned from them, he said, "In terms of acting, I haven't learned anything. This is because their approach to acting is different from that of mine. It is individual. But what I have learned is the basic manners of conducting self on a set, punctuality, be a good person, etc. These may be small, but it is very important for an actor."

Since Karan belongs to a family full of actors, it is presumed that the pressure of being a star kid always comes along. Understanding if this is true, Karan said, "I don't consider this as pressure, because I'm not a star kid. Before the trailer of Blank released, I wasn't known at all, and no one used to click my pics or treat me the way I'm being treated today. My mom and dad were not in this business. I just come from a family of stars, which is different. Whatever I have achieved today is because of my hard work, and no one from my family has launched me in this film. The success or failure will be on my shoulders."

Bringing the interview to an end, Karan said that he only hopes that the audience likes his work and enjoys the film, as the team has worked hard in delivering a good script with an interesting subject. Blank releases in theatres on May 3, 2019.