It was challenging to find the perfect fit for the characters Laila and Majnu: Imtiaz Ali

Imtiaz Ali wanted to give a fresh approach to 'Laila Majnu' with raw talent and a new director to helm it.


The excitement behind the teaming up of Imtiaz Ali and Ekta Kapoor on a crazy intense love story, already has our interest piqued!

Apparently, when Imtiaz met Ekta, the causal meeting that was to last about half an hour, went on for over 5 hrs, as they discussed different ideas and connected over a crazy new age telling of an intense classic. 

As Imtiaz Ali penned this tale, he wanted a fresh approach with raw new talent and a new director to helm it. Imtiaz Ali knew how he would direct the intense love story of eternal lovers, but he felt it would be refreshing to see how a new director could carry his vision through. That's when Sajid Ali came on board to direct the classics epic giving an honest, new spin to the story while staying true to the love saga.

Imtiaz Ali adds, "I felt It was important that the actors and director came on set unaware of the trappings of Bollywood and yet uninhibited. I told Ekta it was a risk and I think that’s what excited her even more!”

Imtiaz Ali and Director Sajid Ali auditioned over thousands of newcomers for months before finally locking Laila and Majnu.

“It was challenging for us to find the perfect fit for the characters. The journey indeed was long, Sajid and I auditioned for months before handpicking Avinash and Tripti. With the trailer out today, We are extremely proud of presenting our Laila and Majnu to the world," says Imtiaz.

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