Ali Fazal's private nude pictures get leaked online; Calls it a "cheap act"

Actor Ali Fazal requests people to respect his privacy and said that he definitely get into the roots of the matter.


Actor Ali Fazal, who has been in the news for a few days is once again in the spotlight, the reason being is a video posted by him in which he said that his nude photos have been leaked. He has appealed to everyone to respect his privacy in this matter.

The 32-year-old Mirzapur actor took to Instagram to condemn the "cheap" and "distasteful" act and said, "I do not know how I should say all this but since the photos have leaked, I have no other way besides accepting this, Yes it is me. I do not want to speak anything more than that. ''

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The actor further resented the incident and said, "The first thing is that it is a very private matter and therefore I do not need to specifically clarify the media or somebody. I do not know how it went out, this is quite a personal moment. I will go to the root of the incident and find out who has done this work. This is indeed a very disrespectful move. I would like to tell my real fans and family that I will soon tell you more information about this matter”.

After the video was released, there was a debate between the users on social media as there is no trace of the picture anywhere on the internet. In fact, some people believe that Ali Fazal fuelled this up for publicity. They say that such photos of Ali have not been viral anywhere on the internet However, Ali Fazal's fans, however, came to his defense and posted messages in his favour.

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