Khandaani Shafakhana: Barely Entertaining!

Cast: Sonakshi Sinha, Priyanshu Jora, Varun Sharna, Annu Kapoor, Badshah, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Nandita Babbar and others.


Rating: 2/5

In a progressive world today, talking about sex, only in good ways, should be fine. But in reality, the situation is contrary, as a large population of the country either frown, cringe or just walk away from conversations involving sex. While we are comfortable visiting doctors for any health issue, visiting a sex clinic or a specialist is thought upon twice, mostly because people in many parts of India, both rural and urban, consider it a matter of pride, this allegedly bringing them shame. But shouldn't this change? It certainly should and striving to address this through a fictional drama is Sonakshi Sinha's film 'Khandaani Shafakhana'

Baby Bedi is a medical representative and the only earning member of her family. While she is not happy with her job, she manages to gather the courage to do her duties every day thereby make ends meet. But Mamaji's unexpected demise changes her state, as he leaves his sex clinic (shafakhana) on her name, with certain conditions. But this clinic doesn't bring her more problems, as it has always been a problem to the narrow-minded society, which believes that this needs to be shut for many 'moral' reasons. This puts Baby Bedi in a dilemma, leaving her to often think if she needs to continue with the clinic or not, and that is what the rest of the film focuses on.

The above-mentioned gist of the film will give you a hint that the subject is worth giving a try, as it is progressive in nature and wishes to change the mindset of society.  Unfortunately, makers try hard to do so, but the poor script with a snail-paced story, packed with too many emotions and layers focusing on societal concerns, becomes a problem. Such subjects need to the dealt with smart writing, comedy and lighter moments and it is evident that there were efforts made to achieve the same with characters and situations, but somewhere amid the drama, the intent of the film dilutes and does not get enough importance, as expected. Despite the apt 135 minute run time, the film will seem long, due to the slow narrative, adding more the boredom.

Sonakshi Sinha who delivers her best, despite a dull script. As Baby Bedi, she comes across both as a strong yet vulnerable girl and kudos to her efforts for adding some life to the film. Rapper Badshah's debut is also noteworthy. He maintains his rapper, superstar image even in the character, but does not have enough screen space as ‘Gabru Ghatack’. Priyansh Jora's also delivers his role well with his Bollywood debut. His character has limits and he supports Sonakshi’s role well, but yet again, the script lets this chemistry down. Annu Kapoor and Varun Sharma do what they are best at - delivering comedy, making the film lighter.

Overall, the film lacks soul and doesn't pass the message with an impact. Too many emotions, spoil the intent. Khandaani Shafakhana could have been better, but unfortunately, it isn't.

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