Dear people, please STFU, and let Sushant Rest in Peace!

Nobody except Sushant's family and friends have the rights to talk about his life. You and I, were neither his friends, nor a special part of his life. So please, don't conspire theories. Let's respectfully bid him farewell!

Dear people, please STFU, and let Sushant Rest in Peace!

I'm not joining the bandwagon of writers, protestors or anyone with the agenda and propaganda, but what has happened post-Sushant Singh Rajput's demise has baffled me. I'm appalled with the number of 'self-proclaimed' experts who have now risen to speak about his life, health issues or some aspects of the film industry.

On one hand, Sushant's suicide has left us in shock. While on the other, it has become an opportunity for many to raise 'their own' points, and make this incident, a ground for 'their own' debate. 

Yes, you read it right. They have a set stage and are always ready with their topics. The debate or discussion about several aspects started the very minute the news was out.

There is a saying in Hindi, 'Behti Ganga Mein Haath Dhona' and the ones who are smart, would understand how this is apt for the situation. The blame-game, discussions, accusations and the points raised post his demise shows how shallow many are, and unfortunately, it is clear that there is no dearth of such people in our country, and a majority of them come from the 'Bollywood' industry.

Millions have participated in this conversation and have become flag bearers of several issues, but sadly becoming the voice of subjects they believe he was bothered with. The list of participants is endless, but surprisingly, it includes not only fans and media but shameless so-called popular names from the film industry who 'claim' to be his friends or well-wishers. While they weren't there with Sushant when in need or over these years, all they want to do now is to 'wish' for things to change in their professional sphere, for their 'so-called' benefit. 

While the topic is certainly bothering at a professional level, think if it is the right time to speak about it and spark debate. The disgusting part is when renowned names have joined and made this their agenda. To all you 'fake' friends - please keep this for some other time. 

I really wish these conversations come to an end, for they hurt the sheer sentiments of a close one dealing with the tragedy. Not only this is disrespectful for the deceased and his family, but also a cheap tactic of putting your point forward, trying hard to gain the limelight, while you are truly not the one being affected with this incident today.

If one wanted to raise the issue, there were many instances in the past, where for once they could have raised the voice, with the same power and strength, when the actor was alive. Maybe it could have given him the strength.

Sushant's death has, unfortunately, become a tag, where members of the fraternity are raising new topics on a daily basis, accusing people over issues which have been discussed for over half a decade, be it when it was another celebrity's death, talking about awards or just a popular chat show. For the last three days, several articles are written, posts are shared, panels have been set, talking over the same issue, which has been discussed way too many times before. 

But, think for once, is it right, for many of us did not know him closely but those who knew, are dealing with pain. He has made it clear that he had very few friends in his life. The ones who truly are, are quietly mourning. 

It's true that life isn't only about career and money. There are several aspects which makes one happy and satisfied with life. There can't be one reason or trigger for depression and therapy doesn't help always. What appears to be right according to us, doesn't necessarily mean that it becomes one of the reasons for his troubles. I believe we should refrain from sharing our point of view about this, especially this point, on any platform.  

So, let's get this right. Many of us were not a part of his family or his list of friends. He had very few dear ones, and so, if you're not one among them, this doesn't give you the right to assume or conspire theories about what he was going through, be it his mental health, his love life, the offers he had got or rejected or anything related to him. 


Enough is enough. It's high time we realise how inhumane many have become. Use your social media and followers, some other day, some other time, and try to bring a change for good. But, for this moment, please let Sushant rest in peace. The least we can do is respectfully bid him farewell and celebrate his life and achievements. If you cannot do this, please do not ruin it for others and make it even more painful. It hurts! 

PS: If you really wish to know what his dear ones think, please check this note written by one of his close friends.