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6 Things That Make Every Indian Just Love Mahindra Cars

6 Things That Make Every Indian Just Love Mahindra Cars

In the present era, you’ll rarely come across Indian automobile enthusiast who has not heard about the Mahindra brand. It is one of the top-notch car manufacturing brands, originating from the roots of the country since 1945. Earlier, it was known as Muhammad and Mahindra and later got the name Mahindra and Mahindra.

Right from its early days, Mahindra is dedicatedly manufacturing both passenger and commercial vehicles. Apart from that, it manufactures the original auto parts which are comparatively pricey than the other spare parts available in the market. To save money, you can go through the list of Mahindra spare parts on

There are many reasons why people love automobiles from Mahindra. Go through the piece below and you can understand the reasons why they are passionate:

1. Mahindra cars are Safe

All Mahindra car models present in the market are best known for safety. Models like Scorpio and XUV300 have scored 5-star in Global NCAP which determines the level of passenger safety a car can provide.

Apart from highly rigid bodies,  Mahindra Automotives have passed the crash test with a 4-star score.No other cars from other brands have got such a high score date. Moreover, you can find all the modern internal safety features present in the Mahindra cars.

2. Mahindra is always in-trend

Mahindra and Mahindra always believe in the philosophy Live Young, Live Free. Every car they launch in the market has a trendy outlook. It is similar for the facelifts and updates for the pre-launched models too.

The key of all Mahindra car designs is masculinity and the brand is keen to maintain that with full dedication. However, the auto parts generally remain the same and are always available in the market. This is another reason why people who love trendy yet rugged car models always count on Mahindra.

3. The Indian Army uses Mahindra cars

There are different models of Mahindra cars that are used by the Indian Army. Willy jeep is one such model. Now, many civilians also started purchasing the willy jeeps. This model has been Mahindra’s best of all times.

Currently, the Indian Army uses the Marksman and Rakshak for different security purposes. However, the civilians do not purchase these cars but the army drivers also love both these vehicles.

Apart from the army, police departments of multiple states also use this car. Drivers in the police department also love these cars due to the rider comfort it provides.

4. Mahindra SUVs are vehicles to die for

In many Indian states especially in the northern part, most people consider SUVs as different Mahindra vehicle models. The states like Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab hold a huge market for the models like Bolero, Thar, and Scorpio.

Other models which people love riding are KUV 100, XUV 500, and SUV XUV300. People buy these cars as family vehicles. These cars also have a huge market in the Himalayan states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand as the drivers can easily drive them on the hilly roads. The availability of the spare parts of these cars makes them more credible.

 5. Mahindra vehicles have powerful mHawk engines

The condition of the highways in India has developed dramatically in the last two decades. It has given way to many car lovers to frequently go for long road trips. Moreover, young drivers tend to visit the Himalayas on a self-drive. In such a scenario, a Mahindra car can turn into the best friend of any driver due to the quality engine.

All recent vehicle models of Mahindra come with mHawk engines. In the future, these vehicles can get the mStallion engines too. These modern engines give the automobile power and speed. Furthermore, the mHawk engine also enhances easy maneuver and brings down the chances of crashes. Having a powerful chesis like Mahindra vehicles can help you to go for an off-road journey easily.

6. Good Resale value

Due to the power and ruggedness of the Mahindra vehicles, it has got a good resale value. A  huge number of Indian drivers have multiple cars and they tend to resale them after a few months of usage. They love purchasing Mahindra cars due to the resale value.

In many cases, they exchange Mahindra automobiles at affordable prices. This is an easy way to get a new car at a lower price.

Final Words

So, you see why most Indians love Mahindra vehicles. If you are planning to buy one soon but the availability of the spare parts is concerning you, visit and you can get the complete list of products. All you need to do is choose the right product according to your necessity and pay for it. Always talk with an experienced mechanic before purchasing a spare part.

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