Add-On Covers For Two-Wheeler Insurance Policies

It is ideal for the two-wheeler owner to subscribe to an add-on insurance cover. Mentioned here are the 4 basic add-on covers for two-wheelers.

Add-On Covers For Two-Wheeler Insurance Policies

You may have it all - the mandatory third party insurance, or even the comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, but in the event of an accident, it may take more than having your two-wheeler insured under normal policies to completely protect you from financial risk. An accident on a two-wheeler can be overwhelming and cause an unexpected dent in one’s finances. Expenses could include medical expenses for both the rider and the pillion rider, damages to the vehicle and also to added vehicle accessories, etc. For this reason, it is ideal for the two-wheeler owner to subscribe to an add-on insurance cover.  

Below mentioned are the 4 basic add-on covers for two-wheelers:

Passenger Cover: 

Two-wheeler road accidents can be fatal not only for the rider but also for the pillion rider. The aftermath and the risks are at a high degree for both the riders. Thus, in this add-on insurance, an additional cover for the pillion rider will be provided as compensation, whereas, in a normal policy, only the rider is covered against disability and death. Passenger insurance covers above the normal insurance and can sum up to a slightly higher amount, but it certainly does come with its perks.

Medical Cover:

Normal insurance policies usually do not cover medical expenses, but it is the most important add-on insurance cover amongst the others. Claiming insurance with this add-on can make things easier during unexpected situations. Medical expenses can be expensive, but with this add-on, it is easier to map down the exact expenses that relate to your accident on a two-wheeler.  

Accessories Cover:

If you have garnered your two-wheeler with additive non-electrical accessories and high end-electrical accessories, it is recommended to get them insured as well. Those valuable accessories, if damaged, can cause loss, thus, an add-on cover provides support and covers for the loss. The estimated cost of the accessories during purchase is supposed to be provided in order to claim the maximum out of the cover policy.

Zero Depreciation Cover:

Traditionally, depreciation and spare part replacement for two-wheelers are required to be paid by riders after an accident. Although, by paying an additional premium, the rider has a choice of buying Zero Depreciation. In that case, the responsibility of covering the expenses of the spare parts and depreciation value lies in the hands of the bike insurance company. Replacement of fiber,  plastic, or rubber components of the two-wheeler is the main cost that is covered on this plan. 

In the end, it is about enjoying the journey of life along with your possessions. So kick away all doubtfulness and enjoy the ride with peace of mind!

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