CM Thackeray Seeking a Time-Oriented Plan To Boost Agricultural Startups

CM Thackeray Seeking a Time-Oriented Plan To Boost Agricultural Startups

At a review meeting held with the State Agricultural Department on Aug 31, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has instructed officials to draft a time-oriented plan to provide a boost to agricultural startups including farmers groups as well as farming production-based companies.

“The crops should be planned division-wise and marketing plan should be prepared accordingly,” Thackeray said at the meeting adding that the farmers will see increased profits if there’s a system in place to establish a guaranteed price for a particular crop.

The CM further said, “Post-harvest management is very important. Proper planning should be done to increase investment in infrastructure.”

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The farming industry has taken a toll as a consequence of the coronavirus in India, particularly in Maharashtra. Farmers also had to contend with the loss of crops due to locust attacks, while the state government was quick to extend support to the farming community at the time. 

With the focus now being on rebuilding the state’s agricultural infrastructure, the idea to streamline the establishment of agro-industries including startups will go a long way in improving the farming economy. The farming community will hope that there are no further setbacks in its expected comeback.  

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