Emerging StreetWear Culture In India, India Is Ready For Major Brands - Sultan

Emerging StreetWear Culture In India, India Is Ready For Major Brands - Sultan

Being a Hype beast / Sneakerhead is a matter of Pride & Value. It's a fast-growing niche sub-genre of Fashion Culture. The way international high streetwear brands have successfully emerged and established themselves in the last decade is really commendable. Once considered derogatory, Hypebeast culture is now a colloquial term that was first rephased by Kevin Ma who coined it for his fashion blog. 

The culture is now set to grab its hold and flourish in India. With a population of 1.3 billion, India’s buying power shouldn’t be underestimated. Brands like Adidas Yeezy, Nike Air Jordans are now making their way to Indian high-end markets. 

A vast majority of casual, fad-driven sneaker buyers will grow along with a small, yet powerful community of serious sneakerheads –  Sultan is one of the key influencer Hypebeast & Sneakerhead who has been active in the scene and pushing the culture to new demographics with platforms like  Instagram & Youtube. Sultan is one of the leading hypebeast influencers who has got the appreciation from leading Hype brands and platforms and has collaborated with them on various projects. His channel Sultan Nation is India’s leading Hypebeast & Sneakerhead channel on youtube. His youtube channel has 10K+ subscribers and garners daily traffic of unique 5000+ fashion enthusiasts to check out his videos on streetwear culture and brands. 

“Right product information and Content has always driven the high-end fashion community, the acceptance for the sneakers & hyped brands  like Supreme , BAPE , Yeezy , Air Jordans , Off white has seen tremendous growth in Indian subcontinent in last 2 years and with more awareness, it will keep growing every year. Though, The apparel sector has been among the hardest hit from Corona Virus outbreak, with a potential 20 per cent decrease in brand value. However, some megabrands have been able to retain their positioning, with Nike leading the way.