Health Insurance - The Smartest Way to Protect You & Your Family

Health Insurance - The Smartest Way to Protect You & Your Family

As the sedentary and hectic lifestyle continues to affect people’s health, it is high time individuals cover themselves and their family under a reliable family health insurance plan.

An insurance plan for your family will secure you against substantial medical bills during unexpected times.

Whether you take an insurance plan from private insurance providers or go ahead with the government health insurance schemes in India, either way, you’re taking a step towards safeguarding your family.

Do You Really Need Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of general insurance covering your medical costs when you’re gripped by disease or accident.

Have you ever calculated how much you spent on your family member’s medical issues over the last few years? You could have saved that amount had you bought a good family health insurance plan. There are various insurance providers in the market, and so is the number of health insurance policies.

You have to be attentive while purchasing one, as one wrong decision can land you in trouble. The best and viable way to choose the right policy is by correctly accessing your family’s health care requirements. 

Alternatively, you can consult a professional who has strong knowledge of all the available health insurance policies, including the government health insurance schemes in India, for proper guidance.

What Is Covered In A Health Insurance Policy?

Not all insurance policies are designed the same, so you will have to check what is included and excluded individually.

Considering you’re planning to invest in a comprehensive policy, you may expect it to cover expenses arising out of accidental hospitalization, pre & post-hospitalization, illness-related hospitalization, annual health checkup, and critical illness. It can also cover daily hospital cash cover, psychiatric benefit, and maternity benefit with newborn baby cover. 

While people primarily focus on what is covered in a policy, they ignore checking the exclusions. If you want to save yourself from any shocks during the medical emergency time, you should be aware that no policy will cover your costs in the following three cases:

Hospitalization without a doctor’s recommendation

Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Expenses

Pre-Existing Diseases

If you don’t have much knowledge of health insurance policies, it will best to consult a professional before investing anywhere.

Many Reasons To Invest In Health Insurance Plans

Medical costs can disrupt your entire saving plan, leaving you to feel helpless during crucial times. Having a comprehensive family health insurance plan can be a saving grace, as it will take care of unexpected medical bills and help you get tax benefits year after year.

Most of the policies have affordable premiums, and you can choose to pay them either monthly or annually. Another significant benefit of investing in a health insurance plan or government health insurance schemes in India is enhancing your overall well being.

However, be sure to get a family plan from a reliable and well-known insurer known for its fast claim settlement and round-the-clock customer support.

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