Holi 2019: Must watch Brand advertisement campaigns with powerful social messages

This festive season, brands like Surf Excel, MTV India, Budweiser, Ghadi Detergent and many others have celebrated the joy by sharing motivating social messages through their brand campaigns. Here are the ones we loved...

Holi 2019: Must watch Brand advertisement campaigns with powerful social messages

Content has always played an important aspect in advertisement campaigns. Back in time, brands used to advertise their products, its benefits and more. But over the years, a subtle way of communicating their brand perspective, ethos and ideology, has taken the centre stage. Their social advertisement campaigns, especially during the festival or digital trends tend to raise awareness, with a message.

This Holi 2019, brands have tried to share many different messages through their campaigns. Here are some of them which need to be appreciated and that's why you must watch...

MTV India - Pooch Kar Khelo

This campaign by MTV India focuses on the fundamental behaviour and ethics one needs to have and follow, while celebrating a festival, with or among the strangers - which is to seek permission if one needs to celebrate 'with them.' The channel has also focused on sharing a message about women empowerment, in an interesting way.

Ghadi Detergent - Saare Mael Dho Daalo...

Similar to message shared by MTV India's 'Pooch Kar Khelo' campaign, this video for Ghadi Detergent also brings forth the same communication. Women don't feel safe in the society, but today have gathered the courage to raise voice about the same, and ensure they seek much-deserved justice.

Budweiser - We're all Kings

Equality is one of the important rights and attributes we seek in today's time. With an aim to treat everyone with the same eye, giving race, caste, creed, religion and a lot more, no significance. Celebrating the same, with a message that says 'We're all colourful - We're all equal. We're all Kings' - is Budweiser's new campaign for Holi 2019. 

Blued Holi Campaign

On one hand, while we are nurturing equality, it is wonderful for us to see that many across the world are celebrating who they are, based on their gender and other aspects of identification. After scrapping section 377, many homosexual Indians are enjoying their life to the fullest. Mobile application brand, Blued, in its Holi campaign celebrates the same.

Surf Excel

This brand campaign film for Surf Excel by Lowe Lintas celebrates the essence of being together, intending truly to what the festival. The brand's ideology  Daag Achhe Hain is well set in the campaign focused on Holi celebrations. With an aim to share the message ‘Agar Kuch achha karne mein daag lag jaaye toh daag achhe hain,’ this films on shattering religion based differences in our society. 

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