India is not ready to go cashless- Cyber expert


Mumbai - Post demoneitsation Mumbaikars are facing financial crunch. And so government is planning to go cashless. However, cyber experts have different views on this. According to them, India is not ready to go cashless. The only reason is increase in cyber crimes. If we go by the statistics, in the year 2014 and 2015, total 4,047 crimes were reported. But only four were solved and only one was solved in 2015. “We will have to train magistrates, lawyers and police and so conviction rates of cyber crimes are less. Unless and until, we put these criminals behind bars, this will not stop. Cashless is a good thing but state government has no budgets to stop cyber deterrence and hence cyber crime will escalate,” said Vijay Mukhi, cyber expert. Meanwhile, police are urging people to stay alert with increasing cyber crimes. “Many people get phone calls where they are asked to disclose their ATM pins and account number. So, one should not do that. People’s alertness will put an end to the cyber crimes,” said Sachin Patil, DCP, Cyber Cell.