Jago Grahak Jago !

  • Jago Grahak Jago !

Mumbai - There is a ban on selling goods at more than the printed MRPs. The government makes it even clear that the consumer can bargain for the same. Still, goods are being sold at prices greater than the MRP. This came to fore when the Weights and Measures department officials raided stalls in Wankhede Stadium area. Then, Mumbai Live has conducted a reality check on this and see what has come forward.

Velji Goer Shah, a shop on Jamsandekar Marg, charges one rupee more on the half liter milk bag. The shopkeeper even said that Modiji (prime minister Narendra Modi) has not banned this yet. Even Express Burger has been charging two rupees more than the MRP and another store charges two rupee more on a Jeera bottle MRP. Mumbai Live has also found such malpractices in different shops.
In all, the higher cost is charged on the consumer as storage expenditure. Even the name of prime minister is used to sell their product at higher prices. There is a need to take stringent action against the violators of rules and regulations in this regard.

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