Mobile food delivery service Foodpanda asked to vacate office at Mittal Complex over paan stains

The food delivery company, Foodpanda has been asked to vacate the premises as its riders have been accused of staining the society’s staircase with paan spit. They have also been accused of misbehaving with the security guards.

Mobile food delivery service Foodpanda asked to vacate office at Mittal Complex over paan stains

After an exhibition of passive attitude towards the cleanliness and order, the mobile food delivery service 'Foodpanda' was shown the door by the occupants of Mittal Commercia in Marol. Foodpanda had recently rented four offices on the second floor of the plush office complex. However, the occupants complained of the non-compliance of society by-laws by the Foodpanda officials and its riders.

According to the Mumbai Mirror report, the occupants complained that the company’s riders would stain the staircases with paan spit, misbehaved with the security guards and caused trouble in the premises. However, the occupants’ saturation point arrived when they faced an irate mob of 200 riders backed by MNS workers and yet, they stayed put on their decision.

The report further stated that Piscec E Services Ltd, a part of the Foodpanda Group had rented the office space at the 12-storey Mittal Commercia from Bipin Vazirani in June. But according to Mittal Commercia Premises Co-operative Society Ltd, the company used the place for recruitment instead of a corporate office due to which, there was a constant queue of delivery boys on the staircase.

Irritated society members stated that after tolerating them for a couple of months, they reached Vazirani through an email. In response, Vazirani assured the members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 15 that he will talk with the Foodpanda management within 30 days and reach a solution.

However, the society drafted a notice against Vazirani and asked him to stop his tenant from misusing the premises. Just a week after that, 200 riders from the food company tried to break into the Pisec E Services Office stating that they were not paid their dues and so they kicked the lift doors and damaged the property. Due to which, the society manager was forced to call the police.

Looking at this, Vazirani served a termination notice on Piscec E Services Ltd to vacate the premises within seven days. Vishal Manghnani, Vazirani’s spokesperson told Mirror that Vazirani had spent ₹21 lakh from his side to refurbish the office before renting it. 

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