As the search for vaccine continues, Nair hospital treats COVID-19 patients with arthritis medicine

As the search for vaccine continues, Nair hospital treats COVID-19 patients with arthritis medicine

In a recent tweet, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) announced a tie-up between Nair hospital and Cipla global in an effort to defeat the Covid-19 which has plagued the entire world the last couple of months. Clinically ill patients are being treated with the monoclonal Inj Tocilizumab, which is an antibody often used to treat patients suffering from arthritis. This, in turn, has shown good results so far although it is too early to comment on its effectiveness as of now. 

As the world tries to struggle with the coronavirus, every country seems to be making efforts in trying to reuse old drugs or finding new vaccines that can help us fight the novel Covid-19. In recent developments, Italy claims to have successfully found the vaccine which can contain the virus. Luigi Aurisicchio, the CEO of Takis, is the firm that claims to have developed the vaccine. In an official statement, the firm stated that said that the vaccine has neutralized the virus in the human cells in a first, which is a major victory.

The researchers stated that they had experimented with the vaccine on mice. Antibodies were successfully developed as a result which blocked the virus from infecting the cells. The tests were carried out at Spallanzani hospital in Rome. The researches announced that the five vaccine candidates generated a large number of antibodies, after which two were selected. Based on the genetic material of DNA protein ‘spikes’ the vaccine candidates are being developed. These ‘spikes’ are the molecular tips used by the coronavirus to enter the human cells. The Italians believe that this research will prove to be particularly effective as they will generate antibodies against the ‘spike’ protein. As scientists and health workers all over the world try to come up with an immunizer, it can only be hoped that we will see results soon given that several antidotes are now making their way in the market. 

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