Petrol, Diesel prices in Mumbai continue downward trend

As per Indian Oil website, petrol rates in Mumbai Rs 79.03/litre and the diesel rates is Rs 69.81/liter


There is some festive cheer among common citizens as petrol and diesel prices have come down. The reason for the downward spiral is the correction in the prices of crude oil in global markets.

On Friday (October 11), the price of petrol Delhi and Mumbai fell down by 12 paisa a litre; 11 paisa/litre in Kolkata and 13 paisa/litre in Chennai. Diesel rates too have also come down by 15 paisa/litre in Delhi and Kolkata, and 16 paisa/litre in Mumbai and Chennai.

As per Indian Oil website, petrol rates in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai are: Rs 73.42/litre, Rs 76.07/litre, Rs 79.03/litre and Rs 76.25/litre respectively. The diesel rates in these four metro cities are: Rs 66.60/litre, Rs 68.96/litre, Rs 69.81/litre and Rs 70.35/litre respectively.

The prices of petrol and diesel had increased in September and the last increase was noted on September 30 and since then the rates have been falling. We hope that the prices continue to fall in the coming days.

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