No brand will be spared if found guilty: State Food Minister Girish Bapat

It was reported that Patanjali was printing false manufacturing dates on their products.


The matter of Baba Ramdev led Patanjali’s printing manufacturing date of April in March has not yet subdued. 

Legislative Council member Sanjay Dutt said in the Legislature on Tuesday that such acts by Patanjali are hazardous to the lives of people and the government hasn’t been stern about it.

Responding to the matter, State Food Minister Girish Bapat said that there is no one bigger than the law in the country. He also assured that if anyone is found guilty in any such matter, they will be punished accordingly.

The punishment for adulteration has been given in the Indian Penal Code Sections, 272 to 276. In other states, adulterants are punished according to the law for up to seven years. Maharashtra government is also developing a mobile laboratory to restrict adulteration.

The Central Government has sanctioned ₹165 crores for the work and it is expected to be done by 2019.

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