Be wary of the ice selling on roads

    Be wary of the ice selling on roads
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    After receiving constant complains about contaminated ice, BMC has now started taking strict action. A lot of samples of ice have found to be laced with bacteria and on inspecting them around 75 percent of the ice samples were found to be carrying E-Colai virus that poses a dangerous threat on one’s health. Hence, the officials of BMC have started taking strong action on the authorized sellers, retail sellers and sellers of food products. As a matter of fact, the BMC has taken an action on 428 shops and 3000 ferrywalas in 15 days. During their this encounter, the BMC officials have destroyed around 1 lakh 70 thousand kilos of ice. Also, they did take an action on the sellers that were selling low quality drinks, food items, vegetables and fruits.

    A good amount of 23,900 kilo ice was destroyed in the M ward of BMC, whereas in R ward, it destroyed 15000 kgs and 12,900 kgs in E ward. Along with this, action was taken on 798 ferrywalas in L ward and destroyed 160 kgs of sweets, 6498 kgs of solid food items, 3,158 kgs of vegetables and fruits and 10, 172 liters of oil.

    What not to do?

    To abstain from consuming such adulterated and contaminated food items, make sure you avoid drinking juices and eating out and don’t use ice while making juices.

    What to do?

    The health officer in BMC, Padmja Keskar states that make sure that you don’t eat out and eat homemade food as much as possible, make sure you wash hands after using the lavatory, and consume green leafy vegetables.

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