42 Engineers from BMC go on a Mass Leave for 15 Days

Shitlaprada O Kori, a retired BMC Chief Engineer was arrested on Wednesday, to protest against this, BMC engineers have gone on a mass leave for 15 days.


Amidst the Himalaya Bridge collapse, the authorities have been arresting chief engineers, assistant engineers and auditors of the bridge. Recently Shitlaprada O Kori, a retired Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Chief Engineer was arrested. The engineer's union believe that the authorities cannot arrest anyone until the actual reason for the collapse is known. 

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In order to protest against this, BMC engineers have gone on a mass leave from Thursday, May 9 for the next 15 days. Sainath Rajadhyaksha, the executive president of BMC Engineers Union has said that everyone spontaneously took the decision.

42 engineers have collectively gone on mass leave for 15 days. This, in turn, may affect the construction and repair work of all the bridges in Mumbai which is in full swing. The engineers had met the Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta at Shirodkar school in Parel to express their discontent. 

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