Frail old patient goes missing from Rajwadi

    Frail old patient goes missing from Rajwadi
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    A certain Devidas Kisan Ambore (65) who was stricken with acute asthma went missing from Rajwadi hospital located in Ghatkopar East. Devidas was admitted to Rajwadi hospital on Sunday on the account of being stricken by a severe asthma attack. Plus he was already paralytic since he couldn’t use his one hand and one leg. As per his relatives, he was admitted to ward number 12 of the Rajwadi hospital. His wife on Monday morning went to wash his face at 7:30 a.m., but when she came back; her husband was not there on the bed.

    After much of hunting and searching for him, she lodged a missing complaint at the Tilak Nagar Police Station. The family members have alleged the hospital authorities saying that Devidas could barely walk then how is it possible that he’s gone missing. On the other hand, Dr Vidya Thakur, the Chief Medical Officer of the Rajwadi Hospital says that Devidas could very well walk so saying that he couldn’t do so is completely untrue.

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