A man was acquitted by a special POSCO court whose case was filed under 'suspicion'

The mother filed the case against the accused, alleging that he sexually assaulted her child. However, in her statement, she said that she did not witness anything and was forced by the people to go to the police.

A man was acquitted by a special POSCO court whose case was filed under 'suspicion'
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A special Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) court acquitted a 22-year old man who was booked for sexually assaulting his two-year-old neighbour.

The court had reportedly said that the complaint was filed only on the doubt of the people. The court observed that the people gathered and forced the mother to accompany them to the police.

The mother also made the statements to the magistrate soon after the FIR was filed and in the court during trial, said that she had not witnessed anything.

The woman had said that her children often visited the accused's house, and in September 2017, her two sons went to the place of the accused. She heard one of her sons crying. She found that both of her sons were near the door of the accused and got them home.

According to the media, the court while referring to the woman's earlier statement said that the mother did not notice anything.  The people from the chawl gathered and asked her to accompany them to the police and told their mother that something 'wrong' had taken place—this led the woman to complain.

The court also noted that the woman had told the magistrate that the accused was a decent man and did not stare at any young girls in their house. She did not mention to the magistrate that there were any injuries in the child's private parts. 

She had explicitly mentioned that people forced her to go to the police, said the court.

The man was out on bail in December 2017.

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